Thursday, June 28, 2007

Work Again!!!. Why me?


Hi everybody, can I complain my slave to you?. Yesterday he told me that today he'll write his blog by himself and he'll bring fishes for me as a reward for working instead of him on yesterday. But look at what happen to me!!. I have to write his blog for him again!!!. Now I'll confirm that my slave is a Bastard liar. But I'm a good cat and very kind, so I'll do it for him. Today before working time, my slave come to see me at the garden and play with me. And you will see how bad is he.

Slave : My boss!!! time to play.
Myself : What da hell? if you have enough time to play with me,
Why don't you go to write your blog by yourself!!!. Today I'll not do it for you again.

Slave : Calm down, don't be angry my boss, I know you like to play with this stick.
Myself :
What? Do you think I like this stupid stick? don't be stupid, I'm old enough for playing this stick!!!.

Five minutes later.....

Slave : Hey my boss, now the time has come.
Myself : What do you mean the time has come?. I'm a cat, not a Spiderman.

Slave : You know that I'm just a salary man, and now I have to work for my salary.
Myself :
No way!!!. Do you hear me? No way!!!. You come to ask me to play with you and your stupid stick, and now you say you have to work?. You, idiot!!!.

Slave : Calm down my boss. you must understand me in this point. You want me to get fired?. And you know, if I get fired how can I earn money to buy a food for you?.
Myself : Dude, listen to me clearly. You must play with me until I think I'm bored, is that clear?!

Five minutes later.....

Slave : I think now you're bore with this stick, right boss?.
Myself : Sure!!!. I already told you that I'm old enough for this stupid stick, now you can go to do your work.

Slave : Oh boss, I forget to tell you one thing. Today you must help me to write my blog again, I'm so sorry, but I have a lot of work to do.
Myself : What? Are you kidding me?.

Slave : Does my face look like kidding?. If you don't do it, you can forget your lunch and your fishes now.
Myself : You, Idiot!!!. How can you do this to me?, remember my word. I will pay you back for this!!!.

Slave : Haha, sure I'll remember your word. Whatever thanks for your kindness, my boss.
Myself : @#$%!@$#%$%@#$%@#$!%$@#$!@#%#$@#%$@#. I can't find the right word for you. Meowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Do all of you think my slave is a good slave. I think that he is a @#!$% slave in the world!!!!. Now I'm finish my work, actually I think I work for my food, what a pity cat am I. Wish that this weekend, he'll do this work by himself. Weekend is my relax&rest time. See all of you soon.

With love and care

My name is Batigoal !!!

Hi everybody, today i have to introduce myself. Because of my slave is very busy, yesterday he told me that today he has to write some tips for all of you. But he can't [do you think he is a bastard lier? meowwwwww], so he order me to do that instead of him!!!!. But i think if he tell me to do that, it's mean i can do it. First, My name is "Batigoal". My slave give me this name because of my color and my eyes. I am a handsome male cat with a white fur and blue eyes, so it match with Argentina's flag. And my slave was Gabriel Batistuta fans, so i had this name. I'm a hybrid Siamese cat, nearly to be a pure Siamese that's call "White Jewel". But i don't care about it, because my slave love me because my lovely character, not my breed. I met him about 6 month ago, in his company's garden. I've lost from my old slave, and run into this garden. At first one guy give me some food, and when my slave see me. He ask his boss "Can i take this cat in your garden?", and his boss allow him [actually my slave is a nephew of his boss haha]. So after that i live in his garden, and my slave buy food for me and everybody in this company love me. I feel very happy, because after i lost from my old slave. I feel very lonely and think that may be i never meet some slave that love me and want to take me home. But i hate one thing that this slave done to me!!!. He send me to be fixed, Do you hear me? "fixed". After that i feel that i have no inspiration in my life anymore, sometimes i see very cute girl. But i feel nothing, so sad for me i don't even have my son or daughter. How can he done this to me? Do you think so?. Whatever, now i will live in this garden until i died. Because this place have a lot of love for me. Everybody love me, and like to play with me. And one thing, can some of you told me about your experience?. How can you met your slave? . I will wait for your story. Oops!! my time is over, my slave just call me and i have to go, because this time is my sleeping time . Wish everyone have a good time with your slave, and i wish i can have some chance to come back and talk to all of you again. Nice to meet everyone. Meow Meowwww'

Monday, June 25, 2007

Why veterinarian always pulls dog’s shoulder skin when you bring it to check

Most veterinarians always pull dog’s shoulder skin to test dog’s moisture, has dog lose its water too much? If dog still have enough water and good health, when you pull its shoulder skin and drop it, its skin will instantly return into normal shape. But in case that dog lose its water, its skin will has too less water and low flexible, when you pull its skin and drop, its skin will not instantly return into normal shape. Here below is a rate of water losing of dog:

- if dog lose its water about 6-8%, its skin will not instantly return into normal shape

- if dog lose its water about 12%, dog will faint and need emergency checking

Siamese Cats [Part 2]

Today let's talk about “White Jewel” or “Pure White” siamese cat. This type has the most population among all siamese cats nowadays, although this breed had not been recorded in old Thai book. We discovered that “White jewel” was appeared in the early era of the Chakri Dynasty.

White jewel has short smooth fur, long straight tail, and 3 types of eye color. It could be both Yellow color eye, or both blue and one yellow one blue on each eye. Scientists beleive that the difference in eye color has been controlled by weak gene.“White Jewel” that has two colored eyes mostly one eye will be blind. If its both eyes is blue, mostly it will be deaf.

White jewel is a very lovely cat, it is very tame, could be a very good friend to human being and people will always keep them in a pair to be their companion. But most Thai people believe that White jewel could not be a good parent. They could not take good care of their kitten . But for me I refer that White jewel is the most beautiful and lovely cat, and if you have one you will understand what I mean.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Siamese Cats [Part 1]

Today, I plan to talk about Siamese cats. Because I’m Thai, and I think Siamese cats are charmer and very beautiful. Siamese cats have 5 breeds as follow:

1. Royal Siamese cat [Seal Point , Moon Diamond]
2. White Jewel cat [Odd Eyes]
3. Burmese cat [Copper]
4. Korat cat [Silver Blue cat]
5. Black Bombay

Talking about “Royal Siamese cat”, this breed is the most famous Thai cat, first time that Siamese cat was brought to another country was in 1884, Mr. Owen Gould brought one pair of Siamese cat back to England for his sister. After 1 year, Mr. Owen sent them to a London Cat’s contest, and they won the first prize. From that moment English people was excited about Siamese cat, and they had established “The Siamese Cat Club” in 1900. The cats that Mr. Owen had brought to England was "Royal Siamese cat" which the important symbol was: 9 seal point at their face and tail, both ears, four legs, and sexual organ. All their color point was place in the right position as mentioned above and no where else. The important characters of "Royal Siamese cat" are not only the 9 seal points but the graceful feature, obedience and very smart. If you bring Siamese cat to mix breed with another species of cat, it possible you could get a kitten with same 9 spots color, but it will not look graceful and beautiful like pure Siamese cat. But anyway along this hundred years there are some people still mixed breed them with other species and nowadays there are 8 types of hybrid Siamese cat.

Siamese cat's own lovely behaviors are very smart, love its home, its owner, sycophantic, and love its freedom more than anything. Its behaviors make Siamese cat been well-known in many countries.


Siamese cat has short white fur or light brown fur, the 9 seal point at its face and tail, both ears, four legs and sexual organ is unique. When it is a kitten, it fur’s color is light cream, and when it becomes older, the fur will change to be darker. Siamese cat has blue eyes, long straight tail, short nose, big ears and has a long legs which match with its body. Cat's head is also counted in pure breed. The pure breed will have wedge shape head or triangle shape head.

Can male cat had Tri-color pattern?

Cat’s coat coloration is a gender-related gene. Color of their fur are control by gene that’s on a chromosome or DNA of each cat. Normally cat had 19 pair of chromosome that separate to be 18 pair for physique chromosome and 1 pairs for gender chromosome. Male cat is has "XY" chromosome type, female cat will have "XX" chromosome type. About reason that we find most cat with Tri-color pattern is female, it causes by gene that control fur’s color attribute was on X chromosome and have 2 alleles. First allele is a strong type gene that calls “Orange allele” [Used “O” to be a symbol] this gene controls its fur to be orange color. And next allele is a weak type gene that calls “Non-orange allele” [Used “o” to be a symbol] this gene controls its fur to be another color that’s not orange, mostly create black color. And a gene that control cat’s color is on “X” chromosome, so it make cat’s color depend on its gender. With “XY” chromosome on male cat, so it’s mean on “X” chromosome must have only 1 allele, that’s can be “O/-” type [Orange color] or “o/-” type [Black color]. So it make male cat can only have one color only, from orange or black color. But in female cat that have “XX” chromosome, so they have genes that control their color about 2 alleles on each “X” chromosome. That’s can be allele type “O/O” [orange color], “o/o” [Black color], “O/o” [orange + black color in one cat]. Because this reasons, cat with Tri-color pattern mostly be female.

Mostly Tri-color pattern is female cat, but sometimes male too. Especially if cat have some fault on gender chromosome, ex. Gender chromosome is “XXY” [have additional “X” chromosome more than normal] that’s call “Klinefelter’s syndrome” that’s make cat have “X” chromosome about 2 pieces. If gene on both “X” chromosomes have allele type “O/o”. It will make male cat has a Tri-color pattern too. Even cat behavior is look like a male cat, because of effect by “Y” chromosome. However male cat with Tri-color pattern is very rare and hard to find, and mostly was barren.

Monday, June 18, 2007

How to breed a puppy

After you get a new puppy, next step is knows how to breed them to have a good health for in the future they will growth to be a nice and healthy dog.

After you bring him into your house, if a puppy didn’t dirty too much you should not bathe him in that time. You should give him a time to make himself more familiar with a new place. And before the seller brings a puppy to sell, they must bathe a puppy and make a puppy look beautiful enough for easy selling. And first day that you bring a puppy to your house, let a puppy rest first. Don’t think that you have to play with him and make him play with you. Remember that this puppy is belongs to you already and will stay with you for a long time. Waiting until your puppy is ready and strong enough is not too late. First thing that you should give him to eat is “Water”, but don’t force a puppy to drink. When a puppy is ready he will drink by himself, sometimes a puppy will vomit. Don’t be alarmed may be a puppy got effect from travel, but if in next day a puppy still vomit or look like he got illness. Quickly bring a puppy to see a veterinarian to checking his health. After that when a puppy is ready, he will start playing or doing something a puppy will do by his natural. When you bring a puppy into your house, a puppy will be apprehensive causes by a new place. You should breed him with a lot of love and care. Because a new place may be make a puppy feel lonely cause by left from his mom. And when a puppy do something wrong, you should try to understand him. Don’t try to punish or scold him, because scold or hit him will make him impress and will not make him obedience. It will make a puppy try to against to you. If you want to punish him or want him to know that this thing that he have done is wrong, you can do it by Told him the word “No” or pull his skin behind his neck, it will make him know that don’t do that again. But a puppy has a very short memory, in this time a puppy can compare to a human baby. And sometime a puppy can’t control himself, so you need to give him sometime. Now you need to make him know that you are his owner, this time is very important for a puppy to growth into a good dog. About a puppy food when his teeth didn’t growth up enough, you can give him a liquid food until his teeth is growth enough to give him a normal food. You can check his teeth by use you finger into his mouth, if a puppy can make you feel hurt it’s mean his teeth is growth enough. And don’t give him a lot of food, give him a little first, because a puppy didn’t know his limit and sometime he will eat too much and he will get some stomach problem. Wish all my knowledge can help you.

Friday, June 15, 2007

How to treat 2-4 weeks kitten

The 2-4 weeks old kitten still need their mother's care. But if they been separated from their mother, it’s mean you have to take care of them instead of their mother. Here is what to do.

A young kitten can eat only milk. But if you have to feed it by yourself, you have to find some tools to help you feed them. You must find a small Syringe [size about 1 ml.] you can find in pets shop or Pharmacy. Why I suggest you to use the smallest Syringe, because it’s will help you feed milk to them very slowly, very young kitten need to eat slowly, if they eat to fast they will get choke. About milk, you must find a kitten dried milk. You can buy from pet shop. But please remember this phrase “Don’t feed them by normal milk, cow milk”. I refer Goat milk, because it easy to find. And mix goat milk with water by 1 milk with ½-1 water. After try milk, you can start try to feed him by liquid food for kitten. If they can eat you can give them both between milk and liquid food. But about liquid food don’t give them too much, because kitten digests system is still very new and can’t take on a lot of food. And after their meal you must watch them to see when they go to stool. If they didn’t do that may be they have some problem about suffer from constipation. If this problem happens you should mix more water with milk, but if they still continued had this problem. You must take him to see veterinarian. And still have other things to be careful. First things is, Do not bathing them even you get him from a dirty dustbin or every dirty place. All you can do is clean them by using a wet fabric to wipe their body, and after that use dry fabric to wipe them too. And second thing is if weather is cold, you need to give them warm. Because if these kitten stay with their mom. Their mom will make them warm enough to survive. All you need is a standard lamp, it can help kitten to feel warmer. Place it high about 1-1.5 meter and shine into a kitten basket. You can open about 2 hours and after that turn off about 1 hour in the night, continued doing this can help kitten fell warmer and good for their health. But if kitten got illness, absolutely don’t warm them by lamp. And a last thing is, if your kitten got illness please brings him to see veterinarian instantly. Don’t use human medicine with kitten, it can kill them

About Parson’s Chameleon

Parson’s Chameleon or Parsonii is one of Chameleon with most popular for domesticate . One thing that make this Chameleon popular is it’s size. This is a biggest Chameleon in the world in fact of size and weight. Male Chameleon can long about 24 inches, and some report told us that they can live about 20 years in imprison place , an if it live in natural their lifetime is more than 20 years old. This Chameleon is hard to feed and live in human life. They can’t take a high temperature and refer with a cold temperature, Best in room with air condition. Their prominent point is their beautiful color on their body.

Their origin is Madagascar, normally living on tree in rain forest, very hard to see on the ground, because their feet are designed for grabbing branches, therefore making them very clumsy and easily caught and eaten by awaiting predators if ever on the ground. In Madagascar now they notice that numbers of Parson’s Chameleon now decrease a lot. Because they will get caught by people and bring them to be Pets.



Normal behavior of Parson’s Chameleon is same like other Chameleon. Parson's chameleon is capable of changing the color of its skin to display a stunning array of colors to hide from predators. And their eyes can scan area around them up to 360 degrees without moving their head. And about their tongues, it can extend 1.5 times the length of their body [that’s mean Chameleon long about 24 inches can extend their tongues about 36 inches!!!]. They can eat large insects up to small vertebrates including birds.


Reproduction occurs once every two years, and the female produces 20 to 25 eggs per clutch. Incubation for this species takes longer than a year.


Length Male 12-24 inches [30-62 cm]

Female 8-12 inches [20-31 cm]

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Cats and Collar

About collar , most cats didn’t like to wear it. Also cats do not find it at all difficult to catch mice an birds when wearing a collar - they just sit hidden and wait until one wanders by and then pounce. But some cat can learn to hold the bell in their mouths when they hunt.

Collar is needed when you need to prevent your cats from licking their wound to make more problem , or may be your cats will get more worse. About collar size, very important if you choose one collar for your cat. But collar size is very big, sometimes it will make your cats can't eat food and water. so when your cats are wearing collar. You better keep them in your eyes, to prevent more problem. cause cats with collar can't protect himself, right?. if he get attack by dogs or another cats in that time. What will happened?. I think that all of you don't want to see your cats get hurt or sick in anyway.

But now most cat is microchipped, so don't worry about collars. Sometimes collar spoil cat’s beauty – plus they don't always slip off when they need to, and collar can causes horrific injuries to cat. So you will see that collar have both of good side and bad side. it's depend on what you use for , and when you use it. everything always have 2 side, it's depend on your decision and problem of your cats. think carefully about this, because cat can't told anything to you.

The Importance Of Dog Obedience

Dog Obedience is very important for both owner and dog. Obedience helps an owner and puppy to bond. When training your dog it is important to remember that you are not trying to brainwash your dog into complete submission. You are strengthening the bond between you and your puppy while at the same time teaching him acceptable behavior. By helping him to understand, you’re helping yourself to become less worried about leaving him alone with your favorite sweater or the brand new carpet you just had put in.

Dog obedience is very important especially training the puppy to obey at an early age. Puppy’s tend to rip things apart, pull up plants, potty everywhere etc. These things can all be taken care of with training your dog to be obedient.

One of your very first lessons to your dog/puppy should be to teach him communication, this will make other tasks such as sit, stay, and come easier for you to teach. When teaching a puppy commands such as sit, stay, and come, make the commands loud and clear and repeat those commands often. A constant reminder to your dog will make him remember quickly. This will help the obedience process to be very successful.

An aggressive dog will need more constant attention in training techniques. When teaching your dog obedience especially an aggressive dog who wants to chase the mail man or eat the UPS man, you must make it known to the dog that you are king and your dog must follow the kings instructions or there will be no rewarding to your puppy.

When training a dog to be obedient, remember rewarding your puppy/dog is always a big part of teaching your puppy/dog to obey. Puppies are like children in the respect that physical rewards work best. Praise works as well but a treat may catch their attention a little better.

Obedience training will help you build a lasting and loving relationship with your puppy/dog.

Colleen DiPietro – A dog lover and owner, with strong views on the importance of training your puppy to be obedient. View her dog training reviews here.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Understanding The Health Of Your Horse

Your horses health can be affected by lack of shelter and clean water. Horses living in fields are subject to hot sun, pouring rain and flies. Horses with no access to water can become dehydrated and die. Drainage ditches and stagnant ponds are not a suitable source of water for your horse. A shelter acts as a windbreak and a dry place to escape from flies.

Horses living at pasture must be checked at least twice a day. Grooming your pastured horse provides a good opportunity to inspect your horse for injuries. Grooming also keeps the coat clean and prevents matted hair. Dirt and matted hair reduces your horses ability to keep warm and encourages skin diseases such as rain scald or rot. That is the last thing you want to happen to your horse.

Depending on the quality of pasture, your horse may need supplemental feeding. Providing a mineral block to your horse in pasture provides a good source of nutrients. If you note your horse has lost weight you will need to increase his grain ration. As a good guide increase your horses grain before the cold of winter hits. Your horse will need all the nutrition it can get to last a long winter.

A horse living in a pasture offers you low-maintenance and less time commitment than a stabled horse. However a pastured horse should not be neglected simply because he is free in a field. Observing your horse will help will help to maintain its health.

Article Source:

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dear All Pets Lovers!!!

Welcome all Pets lovers!!

First things that I have told you is I'm create this blog to let Pets owner or Pets lovers have some place to go when they want something for their Dogs or Cats. May be you try to find the way to cooking your Dogs food by yourself, May be you try to make your cat to use human toilet. If this blog can solve your problem, will you come back to my blog again?. I’ll find and update more tips or knowledge for Pets for all of you. Why? Because I’m Pets lovers too!!! I have one cat, his name is “White” and I love him very much. Sometimes he got attack by another cats, sometimes he was sick. And them I just think that “Can I create a blog that can solve people problem about their pets?” and now the answer is in front of you. Wish my blog can help you in some way.


Monday, June 11, 2007

Reasons For Cat Spraying

You may have noticed that when your cat is new to your home, or every once in a while, will spray their urine. Urine spraying is a very normal cat behavior; it is their way of marking their territory.

Spraying is most common in cats that are entire or not neutered male cats as well as households with more than one cat. Cats spray mainly on curtains, bed spreads and furniture; this lets other cats know he was there first and that it is his space.

There are ways to prevent this behavior; one is you can have your cats neutered. Another reason a cat will spray is if she sees another cat whether in your home or looking through the window in your home.

Cats like to sit in windows and you don’t want to cut them off from sunlight and activity of outside but if your cat likes to look out the window then pull up any drapes, move your furniture way from the window or cover the bottom portion of the window. Just until they feel more secure and relaxed.

Here are some methods you can do to stop or reduce your cat spraying. If you have more than one cat, try to play with all of your cats together. Cats that get along will most likely not spray since they don't feel threatened.

Don’t disrupt the life of your cat to often. Cats hate changes and change to their routine can bring about the spraying. There are cat repellants on the market that you may use on the areas they like to help deter them from spraying.

The scent will keep the cat away; it is perfectly safe for humans so you don’t have to worry. Make sure you scrub the areas where the cats sprayed completely. You don’t want the scent of cat urine in your home or to be an invitation to encourage feline to reuse the spot.

For more resources on cats:

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Human Food For Your Golden Retriever

Now that you have got your golden retriever home, it is important to pay enormous attention to his daily needs. Diet is very important for the health of your golden retriever. Well, we would all feed our favorite pets dog food, but even pets can prefer variety in their platter. And it is not a bad idea to opt for human food for your golden retriever.

Golden retrievers, or any pets for that matter, love attention showered on them. So, if you are having a sumptuous dinner and your golden retriever is salivating next to you, it is not a bad idea to make him sample some food.

Many a times, golden retrievers communicate in an interesting manner. If your pet expresses excessive fondness with the refrigerator, he may be communicating his interest in some particular food that is stored in the refrigerator. As we all know dogs have a great sense of smell, and it would not be easy to hide a delicious food item from him. Human food, when served with a little caution may actually be good for the golden retriever. However, it would not be a wise idea to feed him table scraps. That way, you’d be spoiling your golden retriever.

Of course, you’d have to make a conscious choice of what is appropriate and what is not for your golden retriever. Human foods for your golden retriever may or may not be suitable for it. Here are some may - have and should - not - have human food for your golden retriever -

"May – Have" human food for your golden retriever

Most of these food groups are beneficial for us, but the golden retriever may just benefit from and enjoy them. They would provide the appropriate nutrients along with the variety that your pet would like-

- Brown Rice –Rich in fiber content, they are good for your golden retriever.

- Chicken/ Egg yolk/egg shells/ raw eggs – Rich in protein, this human food is also good for them

- Raw Vegetables

- Turkey – You need to exercise caution with this. If the strips are too hard, your pet can choke on it.

- Oatmeal

- Fruits – With the exception of grapes and raisins.

"Should – Not – Have" human food for your golden retriever

- Egg Whites – This usually results in biotin deficiency (Vitamin B) due to the presence of avidin. Hence avoiding egg whites is best for your golden retriever.

- Onions and garlic

- Chocolates – Bromine in chocolates can lead to toxicity in dogs and cats. Even if you opt for the un-sweetened variety, you may not be doing your golden retriever any good. Hence it is best to avoid chocolates completely.

It is better to always consult a veterinarian. Your vet may be right person to recommend the right diet for your golden retriever. He will also be able to suggest what foods should be avoided. It may not be very wise to experiment with human food for your golden retriever, unless you are sure about the effect of the same.

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