Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Finally!!! My New House is Finish!!!

Hi all FL friends, All of you have to say "Congratulation" to me and give a gift to me for my new house celebrate hehe. I think it is very nice and personal. This is a first time that my slave do me a good thing.

how about my house? I will wait for all comment and a lot of gift.


Monday, August 20, 2007

Chilling Monday!!!


Hi all FL friends, Today I'm free from everything coz today is a vacation in Thailand. So my slave just come to give me some food and playing with me. very good day for me.

I'm so Chill, just lay down playing and eating hehe. Who have a good Monday like me?


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sleepy Friday!!!


Hi all FL friends, As you know that my new house not finish yet. So I find a new place for lay myself down and prepare to sleep.

This place is very nice and silky for me. Time to sleep, see all of you soon my friends.


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My New House Nearly To Finish!!!


Halo all FL friends, Batigoal's back here!!! I think all of you already know about my new house. Now it's nearly to finish, I'm so excited. Today I walk into it and sit to test, let see.

Both of this square draw will be pierce to be windows. Nice design, right?

This side gonna be a front door of my house, now my slave still designing about a door. Whatever, I love this house. And I think this weekend I can use it to rest in my relax time hehe.
Do you all love my new house?

With Glad and Purrs

Monday, August 13, 2007

My Long Weekend - Making Batigoal's New House!!!

Hello all FL friends.

Sorry for my disappear about 5-6 days. I have some problem with my health, and last weekend is a Queen's birthday in Thailand. So yesterday is a national holiday, now my health is back in normal. Now I'll show you somethings I've done at last long weekend, I think that Batigoal need a good and strong House for him. So I decided to build it by myself, this is my work.

This house made from stainless, And will cover again by plywood. Because my company sell all kind of timber and plywood, so it's free haha.

I think I can finish this work in next week

Monday, August 6, 2007

Batigoal Best Photo!!!

Hi all FL friends.

Today I want to show you one Batigoal photo, I think this photo is my best. This photo was taken in a best moment, and Batigoal make very funny face.

He just sleep on a table, but don't know why he wake up in moment that I took this picture. His face look like most sleepy cat in this world haha. Do you guys love this photo? I'wait for your comment.


Sunday, August 5, 2007

Welcome! Little Boy!!

Hello all FL friends.

Today I'm glad to introduce my new kitten, after little Dummy was passed away my sister was so sad. So I've discuss with my mother that I will get a new kitten for her. And here he is, our new kitten name "Browny" I've got him from a Temple near to my company. Here is his photos.

How about Little Browny, I think he look very adorable for me and my family. Now he try to be familiar with Money, still need more times for both of them. Now Browny is old about 2 months only, still young and very naughty. He always like to catch Money's tail, I think that next few days they can be friend. I'll take more photo of Little Browny for all of you.


Thursday, August 2, 2007

Friday Trip With Batigoal!!!


Hi all my FL friends, Today I'll take all of you to travel with me. Do anyone have heard about "Tiger Temple" before? This temple is locate in Thailand, Kanjanaburi. This temple has a project name "New Home For Tiger". This project was start at February 1998, Villagers had brought one female Tiger old about 2 months to this temple. And asked for help because no place want to take care this Tiger, after that had a lot of tiger had brought to this temple. Mostly came by villagers, because this temple locate near to Burmese. And had a lot of hunter that came to hunt Tigers for their skin, and some Tigers was kill even they still had to feed their kids. Nowadays this temple has 16-20 Tigers, and has area for Tiger 12 acre to living. Now come follow me, Lets see Tigers!!!!

Tigers living area

Little Tigers in Temple

Lille Tigers with Little Monk

Foreigner with Little Tiger

Tigers swimming in their pool

How about Thailand Tiger Temple, nice? now this temple open for tourist and foreigner, And everyday have a lot of people visit this temple. I want to go there in someday, I want to say Hi with my relative. Even we have a lot of smaller size than them, but size is not important like heart, agree? Hope all of you enjoy with my trip, next time I'll bring you to another interested place in Thailand. Today got to go, very sleepy. See all of you soon my friends.

With a pink nose

My New Scarf!!!


Hi all FL friends, I want to tell all of you that I've got one new scarf!! hehe.

How about this scarf, nice? But my slave told me to take it off.

And I agree with him, it should be a toy for me Meowwwwwwwwwww.

With love and paws

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Wednesday With Magic Stick!!!!


Hi all FL friends, I think all of you have heard bad news about little Dummy already. What a pity kid. Only thing I can do is pray for him, hope now he's running on a rainbow bridge.

Ok, Enough sadness. Today my slave bring new toy for me, I call it "Magic Stick". It Look like a red snake, and i can't my eyes of it!!!.

Batigoal : Hey!! Give me that red snake!!!!.
My Slave : If you want it, come to get it.

Batigoal : You think I can't?, Super cat jump!!!!
My Slave : Wow, What a high jump you did.

Batigoal : Give me that snake!! I'll kill it. Died!!! you red snake.
My slave : Easy my boss.

This day quite happy for me, even my slave still look so sad about Dummy. I'll try to make him feel better by playing with him, got to jump more high. See you next time all FL friends.

With A wish for Little Dummy

Monday, July 30, 2007

Hope You Live In A Sky, My Little Dummy

Hi all my friends.

I've to tell some bad news to you, My little Dummy was pass away on Sunday cause by diarrhea. My mother wake me up on Sunday morning , and told me that dummy was sick. Me and my mother decide to take him to see Veterinarian, and Vet told me that Dummy was diarrhea. So she give an injection to Dummy, and give me a liquid food for sick cat and some medicine. But after I've bring him home about 1 hour, he look quite bad. So I decide to bring him back to hospital, but it was too late. He died after reach hospital just 5 minutes. I don't know what to say, I'm so sad because he was so young for this world. And he just be a part of our family for 1 week only, and Money miss him a lot too, She try to find little Dummy and cry to call him. Last Sunday is my Worst Sunday of my life. All this photos I've take on Saturday, And didn't know that it'll be last photos of my little Dummy. Now only thing I can do is wishing for him to rest in a best place, on the sky and in my memory.

Hope you are living in a sky my little boy, I want to say sorry that I can't help you and give a better life to you. But I will remember you as my little Dummy, You are my boy Dummy.

Poor stupid slave

Friday, July 27, 2007

Wet Saturday For Batigoal!!

Hello all Batigoal FL friends.

Today I walk out to a garden and call Batigoal, and see that he look quite dirty. So I decide to bathe him.

He look so frighten, but I think he'll understand that I want him to look clean.

Batigoal : No!!! Don't do this to me, Let me go!!!
Myself : No way my boss, you're quite dirty. We need to clean you.

Batigoal : Hey all my FL friends, can you help me by telling him to let me go?. I don't like bathing!!!

Now you all can see that he's look quite white and clean, and he already petulant to me haha. But he will forget it in 2-3 hours don't worry. Last photo I'll post a photo of myself and Batigoal. See you soon all friends.

I'm Not Fat!!


Hi all FL friends.
First, I have to say "thank you" to all of you for confirm my slave that I'm not fat!!! Now he will accept that point and not limit my food. I think 8 Kg still fine for me, agree?

So my slave let me in his office today instead of apologize. Very cool!!!

Now I just take my time, lay down and clean myself. What a joyful day for me, Hope all of you enjoy Friday like me. Now I'll sleep for a while, next time I'll get some photos of Dummy for all of you.

With a Sleepy face

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Batigoal Is Too Fat!!!

Hi all Batigoal FL friends.

Now I see Batigoal and worry something about him, I think he's too fat!!! Now try to find some way to make Batigoal more thin. Here is his big and fat body.

See? His body quite big, and weight about 6-6.5 Kg. I think i should cut him off some food.

Batigoal : What? you want to cut off my food? Don't!! Do!! That!! I already warn you, Stupid human!!.
Myself : - -'?

Now He want to keep eating and make himself more fat, What should I do? Does he look too fat? Really need some suggestion.

Poor slave

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Thirsty Wednesday!!!


Hi all furly friends, I'm back again. Smart Batigoal!!!

Today is very hot, I feel like I gonna melt!! So all I've done is drink and drink and drink. It's help me fell a bit better.

And I just think that take a bathe may be help me feel more cool. So lets do it!!!

Oh, Forget to ask all of you. Do you know that my slave got new kitten? I've heard that he bring this kitten to live at his condominium with Money. I've told my slave to take a lot of photos of Dummy for me, can't wait to see his photo. Now I've got to go, lunch time for me now. See all of you soon my friends.

With love and a lot of smart